12 May

Many eye centers offer refraction eye examination, and if you are also the one who has visited your eye doctor for Refraction Eye Exam and got the prescription for your glasses or contact lens, you must have heard this term. If not, allow me to tell you it is nothing but an eye examination. You can get the refraction eye examination at any of the Miami Optical centers. 

Through the eye testing your doctor will know the prescription you require in your glasses or contact lenses.  Test help  determine vision prescription and performed as a part of an eye exam. The people with vision issues can get a eye examination done at the Eye Care Services centers. It is a proper way to know about your vision status. 

Generally, a value of 20/20 is  optimum or perfect vision, which will allow reading letters that are 3/8 inch tall and from a distance of 20 feet.  In the testing process,  doctors finds out   vision as 20/20. In  case you are not diagnosed with such vision issues means you have refractive error, a condition in which light cannot bend properly when it passes through the eye lens. 

What is the objective behind Refractive eye examination? 

By passing through a refraction eye exam, your doctor will tell you if you require a prescription lens or glasses to get a clear vision. 

The test results are used for detect the following conditions: 

Astigmatism: It is a refractive problem that is related to the lens shape resulting in blurry vision. 

Presbyopia:  It is a condition related to aging resulting in eye lens getting trouble focusing.

Myopia: It is a condition of nearsightedness

Hyperopia: It is also known as farsightedness.

The test results help in finding the following conditions: 

Retinal Detachment: It is a situation of the retina gets detached from the other eye areas.

Retinal vessel occlusion:  A condition that causes small blood vessels near the retina to be blocked.

Retinitis Pigmentosa: It is a rare genetic condition that causes damage to the retina.

Macular degeneration: It is a condition that is connected to age that impacts your sharp central vision.

What Goes Through in A Refraction eye exam?

A refractive eye examination is a painless and quick process. You not feel uncomfortable at any eye examination stage.  It is also a painless and quick process. Your eye doctor will use a large tool that is covered in dials, lenses, and switches which are known as a phoropter. You will look through the phoroptor and look at a vision chart, which will be 20 feet from the wall.  This whole process involves checking the vision and prescribing the number.

What is the cost of a Refractive eye examination?

Like in all medical practices, prices set by each individual vary greatly. Refraction is performed as a part of a comprehensive eye examination and its charges are included in the total price, however, you can also get the testing done separately. After a comprehensive eye examination, you will get accurate prescription and also come to know about your eye health.  If you have vision insurance, that will be an added plus which will cover the cost of the refraction testing. You can contact a local eye doctor to find the cost of the eye or updated vision prescription in your area. 

A regular eye examination is very crucial to retain your vision health. These are the routine part of your eye doctor visit and need no preparation. With the eye examination your eye doctor can diagnose eye condition like glaucoma and find if you require a corrective lens.   Besides, healthy adults should also get a refraction test once every two years, while children needs once or two years beginning at age 3. 

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